Hello welcome to Penguins

A1 is a very happy class of 6 pupils with the diagnosis of Autism.

 The teacher of the class is Wiola and the TAs are Amy, Kim, John and Olivia

We are a very active class who enjoy exploring our environment and like to be engaged in a variety of practical activities.

We are the youngest class in the department and we are learning about the class and school routines and boundaries. We  are still in the process of learning how to use our individual schedules and we follow a number of specialist learning programmes, including TEACCH and Attention Autism. We are learning to use a range of communication systems in order to support our abilities to communicate. Some of us use PECS, some of us use objects of reference and some are great at using signing and MAKATON.

Most of all, however, we like to keep busy and have fun! 🙂