Eagles Blog: Term Six, Week Two

This week has been super busy and super fun! On Monday, we broke off in to groups and some of us went to the vocational centre to do woodwork, some of us did Intensive Interaction and the rest of us did some singing with La Folia; Howard worked with us to come up with different words for a song we are working on. We all had a solo and we worked as a team to sing all together as well. La Folia played the violin and the piano too which was great.

On Tuesday, we cooked a vegetarian lasagna, salad and garlic bread, with cornflake jam tart and custard for pudding. We chopped all of the ingredients for the lasagna and lined the baking tin with the mince mixture and lasagna sheets. For the pudding, we made our own pastry and melted butter, syrup and sugar on the hob before we mixed in the cornflakes. We were very full afterwards, it was all delicious!

On Wednesday, we went to Marwell Zoo for Kids Day Out! We had so much fun! We went on the train and we saw different animals such as flamingoes, hippos and giraffes. When we stopped for lunch some rhinos came and sat near us, which was incredible! We all made good choices and Francesca was super proud of us all. This morning, we are having a choosing session as a reward for a great trip.

Today, we are still very busy because we have Zumba, the gym and PE, followed by swimming tomorrow! Phewf!

See you next week J