Eagles Blog: Term Six, Week Four

On Monday, we did Literacy; some of us were finding information in the TV guide; some of us were following instructions to put a teddy ‘on’, ‘under’, ‘in’ and ‘beside’; some of us wrote a range of information in to a library card.

We also did some jabadao and some of our friends went to the vocational centre. At the centre, we used a saw, a drill and a hammer on wood to make a bench hook.

In the afternoon, we made some pom poms.

This week in Cook Lunch we made pizza, rice and a potato salad and for pudding we made a syrup sponge and custard. We put tomato puree on the pizza bases and we chopped up mushrooms, onions, peppers, sausage, ham, pepperoni, sweetcorn and chicken. We also grated cheese to put on the pizzas.

To make the sponge, we put the syrup on the tray and we mixed flour, sugar, butter and eggs together. To make the custard, we used a special powder and we added some sugar and some milk.

The pizzas were delicious! The syrup sponge was excellent!

Today, we did work on halves and quarters in maths.

Sadly, there is no sports day tomorrow, but we are going to have fun anyway! We will be sorting out our trays and doing some sensory play!

Next week, some of us are going to Wales and the rest are going to be working at the Vocational Centre. There will be no blog next week.

See you all in Week Six!