Eagles Blog Week Four

We didn’t have school on Monday because it was a Bank Holiday!

Yesterday, we made our own lunch again! This week we made sausages and mash and baked beans and peas. For pudding, we had jam tart and custard! First, we peeled the potatoes and chopped them. Then we put them in the water to boil and then we mashed the potatoes up with the butter. We also put the sausages on the pan to go in the oven. For the jam tart, we made our own pastry; we mixed and rubbed the ingredients all together to make a dough and then rolled out the dough. Then, we cut out shapes in the dough, to make our tarts. It made us very happy to eat this lunch! It tasted delicious! It makes us feel grown up to cook our own lunch!

Today, in maths we measured the height of each person in our class in centimeters. And we measured the different lengths of different objects using a ruler.

Sunflower update: the sunflowers keep growing! Exciting!

See you next week, Eagles!