Eagles Blog, week three

Last week, three of us went to Devizes to play cricket! It was fun! We all got a water bottle at the end of the day J

On Monday, some of us went to the vocational centre and we did some wood work. We hit nails with hammers and cut out blocks of wood and smoothed them with sand paper. It was fun.

Yesterday, we cooked spaghetti bolognese and bread and butter pudding for lunch! We cut up all the ingredients really carefully such as the onions, carrots and peppers. We stirred the Bolognese on the hob and we made the pudding from scratch. It was delicious!

In Forest School, we are doing hammering and sawing to make letters for a ‘Forest School’ sign. We really enjoy ourselves.

Sunflower Update: they are all starting to grow! Thanks to all of this crazy rain!!

See you next week!

Eagles J