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Last term, we learnt about the story ‘Peter Pan’ and we re-told the story by acting it out.

It was really fun. Our favorite bit of the story was when Captain Hook and Peter Pan were fighting!

We also entered some cream egg cupcakes in to the Exeter House Bake Off. And we WON an Easter egg for Red House. This made us feel happy.

We also played Dodgeball in PE and it was exciting!

This week, we came back to school. We are very happy to be back in school and back to the routine

In Science, we planted some sunflower seeds. We are hoping they will grow. We learnt that plants need water, sun and nutrients to grow. We prepared some compost by pouring water on it and then we broke it all up, so we could plant our seeds.

This term, we are looking forward to more Zumba on a Thursday, swimming on a Friday and cooking our own lunch, which we will start doing on a Tuesday. Also, some of Eagles class will be doing some work in Nurture groups, which will focus on self-esteem and building friendships. This makes us feel good

Bye bye,

Eagles class