Hello S3 Bloggers

This week has been busy and gone very fast.

On the weekend one of our students went to Waterstones for a book launch to celebrate Julia Edwards’s new book. The student said he enjoyed it and we enjoyed hearing about it on Monday.
On Monday we did hockey in PE. We were practicing for the big game at the end of the lesson. Our team won. We did Art about Kandinsky and we colored our circles like he did. In the afternoon we talked about maps and where people lived.
Now we are on Tuesday. We did literacy about A Midsummer Night’s Dream. S3 dressed up as characters of the play. We did some subtractions in Numeracy. In the afternoon we had visitors from Storysharers. We designed our story bags to keep our stories in.
Now we are on Wednesday. We did SEAL about mixed feelings. Mixed feelings are when you feel a bit happy, a bit scared and shy all at the same time. We did sums in Numeracy and some of us used a number line and some of us didn’t. In the afternoon we did Forest School and Bex did a Pokémon hunt. We all had to find the Pokémon monsters. We used a map and put stickers on the ones we had found.
Now we are on Thursday. We did key skills writing the blog and changing our reading books. We had Zumba. This afternoon some people are going shopping and some are staying at school for ICT for leisure. And tomorrow, we will be cooking caramel shortbread! Photos to come in next week’s blog! Stay tuned!
The students of S3!