Hello S3 Bloggers!

We have had another great week in our classroom.

On Monday morning we did PE. In PE we did football and it was so funny when we played “The Number Game”. After snack we talked about a new artist in Art, Jackson Pollack. We had a look at his paintings which were cool. In the afternoon we did maps in Geography; we drew a bird’s eye map of our classroom.

On Tuesday, we dressed up as the characters from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We talked about the different characters and what they are like in the story. After snack we had subtractions and times tables in numeracy. In the afternoon we had the visitors from Storysharers. We shared our stories in groups.

On Wednesday, we tidied the library as it had become really messy. We also started hunting for resources we can use in History Week, which is coming up before half term; we will be studying dinosaurs!  After snack we did numeracy, carrying on with subtractions and times tables. In the afternoon we did Forest School. We looked for insects. We found sticks, logs, leaves and we took pictures of these objects.

On Thursday, we did key skills; we worked on our CVC spellings and we made a notice about World Smile Day, which is happening next Friday. We also had another fantastic Zumba session. In the afternoon, the girls did ICT and the boys went shopping for Scotch egg ingredients.

On Friday, we had assembly. After registration we had Science; we had an amazing session learning about the heart and how it works. We also had language groups. In the afternoon we made scotch eggs and wagon wheels in Cookery. What a yummy way to end the week!!

See you next week!