Hello S3 Bloggers

We had an exciting week at school.

On Monday we had PE; we all had football. Good fun!

After snack we had a play rehearsal and some of the students in our class did work with some candidates for Francesca’s maternity cover.

In the afternoon we had maps; we were planning a route to go to the Salisbury Christmas Market next month, using Google maps. We are looking forward for to it.

On Tuesday, we went out on a school trip; we went to B&M and Pound Land to buy supplies for our Trussel Trust shoeboxes.

In the afternoon we all had a nice and relaxed Mindfulness session. And this time we did not fall asleep (LOL). Some students had time with Lara, working on their stories for Storysharer’s.

On Wednesday, we had PE; we were playing Volleyball with a balloon and the Mighty Mints team WON!!! After snack we were making up the shoeboxes with the stuff we bought on Tuesday’s trip. In the afternoon we had a fun and awesome lesson in Forest School. We made a fire and we roasted some marshmallows! Yum!

On Thursday, we had another play rehearsal, followed by Zumba; both were so fun and our dance moves in Zumba were awesome! In the afternoon we did art, making decorations for scenery.

On Friday, it was Children in Need and we got to meet Pudsey Bear!

After assembly we carried on with our play decorations.

In the afternoon we had another play rehearsal with props, which really helped to bring our play to life!