Hello, S3 here with our first blog of the term!

First week back to school yay!!!!

We have all enjoyed a great summer holiday and we have filled in our summer diaries about where we went and we have shared them with our friends.

On our first day back, we made a Class Promise together in the morning and then we did some Mindfulness in the afternoon. On Tuesday we did Literacy about one of Shakespeare’s plays (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”). We also had Maths and in the afternoon we had a visitor called Lara from Storysharers; she is going to work with us every Tuesday this term, to encourage us to share stories about our lives.

On Wednesday we did a SEAL session where we talked about what makes us feel proud, we did some more Maths and we also enjoyed some leisure time outside in the afternoon.

On Thursday we all got new reading books from the library followed by Zumba. This afternoon, we used ICT for leisure; we worked together to share the iPads and shared our computing skills with each other.

A fantastic first week! More next week!!

From S3 🙂