S3 Blog: Term Two, Week Two

This week has been very exciting. On Monday morning we were practising for our performance of “A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” with the rest of the Secondary Department. We are starting to remember our lines and our cues to come on to the stage; it’s so much fun!

After lunch we had Geography and we went around the school with a map, finding different places and writing labels to show where things are in school.

On Tuesday, we made props for our play and we also got to do some choosing.

On Wednesday some of the students went to Hydro and the rest of us had fun playing balloon volleyball and the girls won. It was so fun and we did Yoga after that, to stretch our muscles.

We also made a plan for our trip next Tuesday; we will be going shopping to collect items to go in to our shoeboxes for the Trussel Trust. We also talked about the good choices we will make when we are in the shops and talking to people out in the community.

In Forest School, we all had a turn starting a fire! It was fantastic! And we were all very determined to get our fires going!

On Thursday, we had another play rehearsal; it is all starting to come together! We also had a fantastic Zumba session and we did some great drawings that will be used in our play’s program; we drew pictures of different characters and of the magic forest!

Today, we all did something a bit different; swimming, Science, and Sensology were all going on in our class this morning! We’ve also worked on phonics, had a great chat about being a teenager in SEAL and some of us have worked towards our speech targets. This afternoon, we were all together in the hall for the last play rehearsal of the week!

See you in week three!!