Term Two, Week One Blog

Hi everyone! We are back for another great term here in S3!

On Monday, we had PE; we did skittles, hoop tossing, bean bag throwing and boccia! A busy session.

After snack, we had a fabulous Jabadao session to welcome our new student in to our class.

After lunch, we looked at maps; we will be planning a route to the Christmas Market and Costa Coffee, using maps, this term. We are very excited for our trip, which we will organise for December.

On Tuesday, we worked hard in Literacy; we remembered everything that happens in the story of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (we did this very well!) and then we worked on our writing skills.

We also did some Maths, working hard on different sums and recognising different symbols and number patterns!

After lunch, we did a Mindfulness session. It was so relaxing, that we all fell asleep! Francesca had to wake us up! It was brilliant.

On Wednesday, some of us went to Hydro for a great swim and the rest of the class worked on their individual work folders and then we played Monopoly. We didn’t play for long though, because we are naughty pickles and we like to cheat!!!

After snack, we planned a shopping list for the shoeboxes we will be putting together to support the Trussell Trust and their work sending Christmas presents abroad. We also spoke to the lady in the office about taking money to support this project, from our class budget; we also booked a bus for a trip where we will be buying the presents to put in the shoeboxes.

In Forest School this week, we made Guys out of leaves and old clothes to put on the bonfire.

On Thursday, we started making props and getting together materials for costumes that we will need for our performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We also did Zumba.

On Thursday afternoon, we had a fantastic rehearsal for our performance! Even though it was only our first rehearsal, we had such a fantastic time!

Today (Friday) we have been making orange decorations to hang in the hall; our theme for the hall is “orange”, so we have made orange fish out of handprints and pumpkin lanterns!

We have also written our blog and this afternoon, we are excited for our second rehearsal of the play.

It’s going to be such a fun and busy term!

See you next week!