This week has been fun and amazing.

On Monday we did PE. We did football and we were practicing skills for The Big Game.

After snack we created a painting in the style of Jackson Pollack. We did this on a large piece of canvas. Jackson Pollack used numbers to give his paintings names so we called our painting Number 93.

In the afternoon we did maps. We made a bird’s eye view map of our classroom with lego which was amazing.

On Tuesday we did Literacy and learnt more about “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. We drew flowers and wrote spells for Oberon’s Evil Plan (Muhahahahah) and it was funny and hilarious.

After snack we did Numeracy; subtraction, times tables and money problems.

In the afternoon we had Lara and Adam from Storysharers. Lara worked with a group and Adam worked in another group. One story was about showing Francesca scary photos from a Doctor Who book. It made everyone laugh!

On Wednesday, we had three important jobs to do; tidy and organize the library, plan the Shoeboxes project and make props for Storysharers. We made a poster for the Shoeboxes project that we have decided to do as a class; we will be collecting presents for the Trussel Trust that can be sent to people overseas who do not have the money or resources to celebrate Christmas. We will be sending flyers to all of the parents for donations, next week.

After lunch we had Forest School. We had to find three sticks to make a spider’s web. We enjoyed it.

On Thursday we all did Key Skills; some of us worked on our SALT targets and Jolly Phonics whilst the rest of us worked on our spellings and comprehension skills.

After snack we had a lovely Zumba lesson with Kirstie which was so fantastic and amazing.

This Friday we celebrated World Smile Day; we all enjoyed dressing up in funny clothes and telling jokes in assembly. After snack we had Language Groups; some of us worked on our SALT targets and the rest of us made props for our Storysharers session next week.

In the afternoon we had a PARTY to celebrate some birthdays in the class and to celebrate a fabulous week! We had sausages rolls, music and the best thing was there was….. CAKE!!!!!

Have A Good Weekend.

The S3 Team.