Week Six already! Can you believe it?

On Monday we did PE. We played football in teams and we had to keep the ball in the goal.

After snack we did art; we did two massive paintings in the style of Jackson Pollack. We mixed all the paints together and splat it all over the canvas. It was so messy!

In the afternoon we had music with La Folia practicing for their performance this Saturday. It was good to join in with the singing.

On Tuesday, we had Literacy. We finished learning about the story “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and we are very excited to be doing a performance of the play in December.

After snack we had Numeracy. We were doubling and halving. We also had a visit from a student who will be joining our class after half term.

After lunch we had Adam and Lara from Storysharers. Lara worked with a group and Adam worked in a group, practicing a story that was about alarms clocks in the mornings.

On Wednesday we did some more singing with La Folia. The lesson was so awesome and great and amazing.

After snack we had Numeracy. One group did Snakes and Ladders and another group did Monopoly; it was a good session to practice our math’s skills from this term.

After lunch we made a card for Di, a wonderful woman who is retiring this Friday from her work in the kitchen. We will miss the delicious food she has cooked for us and her lovely smile!

On Thursday, we did Key Skills; we were all working on different Literacy skills that include Jolly Phonics, Moon Braille and CVC words.

After snack one of our students led a Zumba session, as our usual teacher was away on holiday. He did an amazing job and we celebrated him in assembly on Friday, for being fabulous!

In the afternoon, we played an extremely competitive game of Monopoly. It was so much fun and Francesca got stuck in the magic castle and it took her ages to roll a 6 before she was released!

On Friday, we had a massive spring clean in our classroom. We also made a dinosaur power point and dinosaur stained glass pictures using tissue paper and dinosaur silhouettes. This is all in preparation for History week and our week of dinosaur learning! One of our students also did a rehearsal with La Folia at the church, to prepare for Saturday’s performance.

We can’t wait to share our History Week activities with you next week!