Cued Articulation Demonstration Video

At Exeter House School we believe in seeking out the  extraordinary in everyone.  We aim to ensure that our students have the best access to education, increasing opportunity and possibility for all and enabling them to flourish and feel a valuable part of society.

The life skill of reading is vital to this aim and we place huge importance in ensuring that our students build confidence in their own ability to be able to read and experience the world around them through a love of reading.

Our phonics alphabet was designed specifically to meet the varying needs of our students and to allow them to develop their phonic skills in a meaningful and accessible way.

We have used a combination of approaches which allow the students to link letter sounds to specific actions, therefore increasing their recall and memory of letter sounds.

The video shows all the actions we use, kindly demonstrated by Kate Pharoah, our Speech and Language therapist.

‘based on/with thanks to 

CUED Articulation by Jane Passy

Jolly Phonics at jolly and

Makaton at www.’