Governors Blog

I would like to warmly welcome new families and pupils to Exeter House and hope those families returning have settled back into school well. 

Mark Podkolinski, the Chair of Governors retired in the summer after many years as a Governor at Exeter House.  He was the driving force behind the Vocational Centre and will be missed greatly.  I have been newly elected as the Chair and David Bray is taking on the role of Vice Chair.  I have been a parent governor since my eldest son, who has AS, attended Exeter House from Year 5 right through to Post 16 and left just over a year ago.  I also have a younger sister with Cerebral Palsy.

David is a grandparent of a pupil attending Exeter House and has years of experience in the Building Industry. 

I would also like to welcome Jean Croft, who is a new Co-Opted governor who joined us a few months ago.  Jean has an older son with AS.

Emma Gascoigne from The Roche Court Educational Trust, New Art Centre will also be joining the Governing Board once all the paperwork has been finalised.

The Governing Body met on 18th September 2019 and over the next few weeks we will putting together our objectives and plans for the next year.

I am really looking forward to working with parents, the school and the governing body this year.


Best wishes


Jenny Baylis

Chair of Governors