• A trip to the park in Swallows

    On Thursday, we took a surprise trip to the park!! We were all very excited for our class outing as we haven’t been to this park together before.

    Once we got to the park, we put down our picnic blankets and ate our lunch in the sunshine which was very yummy! Once we had eaten, we played on the different park equipment. We were all very tired once we got back to school, one of us even fell asleep on the bus back.

    During lunchtime on Friday, we decided to play with the dressing up clothes. We all dressed up as princesses and prince charming. As we were helping each other, we were rewarded with a token so a group of us went for a walk around the school to put our tokens away!

    Here are a few photos of our activities this week.

  • Lots going on in Swallows

    We all had a lovely half term break, enjoying the sunshine and preparing ourselves for the term ahead.

    Swallows are really excited about the Kids Day Out next weekend, we have had a look at the website and enjoyed looking at the photos of the different rides.

    In Art this week, we made binoculars using toilet roll tubes and plan on using them during our jungle animal hunt. We had our forest school and PE lessons which we all really enjoyed.

    Towards the end of last term, we celebrated the royal wedding with a street party! We made our own crowns and wore them whilst we stuffed our faces with party food!!

  • Swallows class blog:

    We have been reading the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and have been learning about elephants and monkeys!!

    We were using shapes in numeracy to make animal pictures.

    For cooking this week, we made pizzas. We put some cheese on the pizza with tomato puree and baked them in the oven.

    We had a lot of fun in Art this week making jungle hats. We used zebra and leopard printed paper, cardboard leaves and pretty flowers out of tissue paper. We decorated snakes with finger-painting.

  • Phew! What a busy couple of weeks we have had in class.

    We have all been working extremely hard here in Swallows class. We have been working on the ‘s’ sound in phonics, sorting teddies into colours in Maths and decorating characters from Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

    We also made firework pictures using cardboard and paint which we all really enjoyed.

    Enjoy looking at a few pictures to see what we have been up to!

  • What a busy start to the new term!

    Here in Swallows class, we have had a very busy first week of term. We have enjoyed various activities such as phonics, maths, forest school and PE.

    We have also been enjoying playing with pumpkins! On Tuesday, we embraced the Halloween spirit by exploring the inside of pumpkins, using our fingers to get out the middle and playing with it!

    We also had our weekly Jabadeo time where we experienced different objects which resulted with a multi-coloured ball getting stuck to our ceiling which all of us found very funny!

    With the days getting colder, for cooking we decorated our own pizzas to keep our tummies nice and warm. We got to spread the tomato puree, put on cheese, ham and mushrooms if we wanted to and got to eat the final product when it was cooked in the oven!

    I wonder what next week will bring!

  • Hello and Welcome to Swallows Class!

    We have had some very busy first weeks in the classroom, getting used to the new environment and exploring the bigger playground.

    Our topic for this term is Jack and the Beanstalk! We have been enjoying a sensory story and making our classroom display using our handprints to make a beanstalk.  We have been getting very messy during Golden time and Art! Another big focus we have been working on is our listening skills using activities such as ‘Musical Beanbags’ and ‘Where’s Teddy?’.

    Here are a selection of photos to show some of the fun we have been having so far

  • Hello everyone,

    This term are topic focus is Transport. We will be exploring and learning about transport in a variety of exciting lessons. We have started by looking at lots of different methods of transport and naming them. We even made some of our own transport and found it very exciting letting the parachute fall from the top of the play equipment outside. Some students were very interested in how fast different vehicles went, especially down a ramp! In literacy we have begun by reading ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’, it was very exciting as it was a sensory story where everyone was able to be actively involved in helping to tell the story about the outing on Mr Gumpy’s boat. Everyone listened very well! In numeracy we have started to learn about division, introduced as sharing. In PHSE we are learning about our bodies and how they develop as we get bigger. We always look forward to cooking various things during our cookery sessions!

    Each week we have a class blog discussion before Golden Time. This week students in Swallows said they have enjoyed:

    ·         Working with each other and helping each other out with class work.

    ·         Swimming was thoroughly enjoyed.

    ·         Time in the SI room.

    ·         Soft play was enjoyed and has really helped develop play skills and social interaction.

    ·         Watching a Puppet Play!

    ·         Cooking – making cheese straws.

    ·         Seeing friends after our break.

    ·         Talking and playing with friends.

    ·         Food scientist group was fun

    Thank you for reading.

    From everyone in Swallows

  • Have a look what we have been up to:

    We have had another busy week working hard and we all had fun celebrating a birthday! Here’s what everyone said they enjoyed this week:

    • Sculling during Hydro session

    • Literacy – writing sentences using the ‘our story’ app, communication programmes on the computer and by writing sentences all about the weather

    • Swimming at Five Rivers – learning how to develop confidence in the deep end and swimming on our backs, great listening to our instructor this week!

    • Playing together with friends

    • Making chocolate cupcakes in cookery

    • Horse Riding – trotting and gaining Level 1 Riding Certificate

    • Having Oreo birthday cake

    • Headsprout reading programme

    • Exploring magnetic materials around school

    Thanks for reading from everyone in Swallows

  • Hello everyone,

    Swallows class have been very busy recently. In maths we have been learning about money. After doing lots of hard work about recognising and adding money we were able to buy things from our class pretend shop, which everyone enjoyed very much. We have also been learning how to count in 2’s and 5’s. In Literacy we are focusing on ‘The little raindrop’ story, after reading the story we discussed what happens to the little raindrop and talking about the water cycle. In Science we have been learning about magnets, this week we enjoyed exploring different magnetic materials around our school. We talked about which

    We have a weekly class discussion and everyone contributes to our blog, here’s what everyone said they enjoyed this week:

    • Soft play – some choose to play a game, ‘we protected each other from a scary monster’.

    • We made very yummy healthy pizzas in cookery.

    • Swimming lesson at Five Rivers

    • Playing with friends

    • Getting a new flag

    • Great pack lunches made by mums – especially banana milkshake J

    • Horse Riding

    • Headsprout

  • What a fab half term we all had!

    Now the count down until Christmas begins, starting with our first Nativity rehearsal in this week just gone.

    Favourite activities and sessions this past week include:

    • PE

    • Swimming

    • Constructing junk models

    • Testing ourselves with different Jenga games

    • Forest school, most of us enjoyed having a go with a sparkler, others preferred to stand back and watch. We also created a class Guy Fawkes.

    • Cookery – making bread, thank you for the compliments!

    • Everyone showed off how well they can share and take it in turns with a wii game during Golden Time on Friday.

    • Sharing half term news, it was lovely to hear what everyone had been up to. During Literacy everyone wrote sentences about what they did during half term.

    • Maths, we are learnt about different shapes last week.

    We all enjoyed celebrating Diana’s birthday last week – we all ate lots of yummy cake of course and sang Happy Birthday!