School Council

Our newly chosen School Council met on September 29th. a new Chairman and Vice Chairman were voted in.

Items on the agenda were;




  • Slippery Playground

  • Lunchtime and after school clubs

  • School Dinners

  • Show/panto for Christmas

  • The Vocational students joining EH for assembly

  • Helping put chairs away after assembly

Matt, our new Head Teacher joined us for the meeting. He told us the playground was being cleaned and should be a lot better.

School Council members to ask their classes what sort of clubs they would like and bring ideas back to the next meeting.

We are going to talk to the people about our school lunches at the next meeting.

Matt is going to look into a show/panto to visit the school.

The Vocational Centre students will join EH for assembly on a Friday morning. They will then be able to help with the chairs.

The next School Council meeting is Friday 8th December 1.30pm