School Council

The School Council met on Friday 8th December 2017

Items on the last agenda were


  • Slippery Playground – Now been cleaned

  • Lunchtime and after school clubs – A list of potential clubs will be sent to everyone and a favourite will be chosen. Matt will see how popular it is and arrange for it to happen

  • School Dinners – Two lovely ladies joined us from our dinners provider. The council told them what they liked and didn’t like. They are going to make sure we have a menu that suits everyone in the future. They brought us some lovely food to taste.

  • Show/panto for Christmas – We had The Wind in the Willows performance which everyone enjoyed

  • The Vocational students joining EH for assembly – They now join us on a Friday for assembly

  • Helping put chairs away after assembly- Everyone helps to put the chairs away

  • The Council have asked to have the next meeting in the new year at the the Vocational Centre which is now being arranged.

    Merry Christmas to everyone from the School Council