Hello everyone,

Staff are very impressed with the hard work from everyone in Swallows this week, especially during phonics and maths. We also had a fantastic Library session this week. Our cookery session went very well – we made very yummy chocolate chip biscuits.

During our brilliant group discussion about our week, the best bit of the week seemed to be our rewarding soft play session, which we go to after doing good work. Some played hide and seek and others enjoyed jumping from one piece of soft play equipment to another. Constructing Stonehenge with Jenga bricks was also mentioned as a highlight of the week by one student.

Forest School was fun and interesting as always! We all have fun searching for bugs and insects. Some of us even held the creatures and carefully put them back where we found them. Swimming was great, with some members of the class making a huge splash by being brave and jumping into the deep end. Those who went riding told us they enjoyed listening to the radio on the minibus and had a great session, some learning how to canter.

As always we had Golden Time after our group discussion for our class blog, most of us and some students from Wrens had a relaxing afternoon, using the foot spas, watching a short film and having a massage. Check out our class photos!

Thank you for reading our blog.