Hello everyone

We have yet again had a fantastic week in Swallows. This week we have worked with and alongside Wrens, splitting into sets for PE, PHSE and Numeracy. Everyone made a huge effort during PE, we missed Gavin, but he would be proud of everyone’s effort and skills whilst playing rounders.

During our group discussion on Friday everyone in Swallows shared what they enjoyed most this week:

  • Swimming – learning and improving our skills swimming backwards using a woggle.

  • Library – reading to friends.

  • Riding – ‘Trotting up and down’, answering quiz questions on the radio.

  • Soft Play – having fun with friends and being able to request for ‘more’ of something enjoyable.

  • Cookery – making delicious shortbread.

  • Spending time with friends and playing with friends.

  • Watching a video of Barnaby Bear visiting Edinburgh and learning a lot of new things. Did you know Edinburgh is in Scotland?

  • Art – printing bears by putting them in paint and then making them go ‘SPLAT’ face down on a piece of paper.

Everyone worked really hard during Literacy this week, learning about adjectives. We learnt that adjectives are describing words. Everyone choose different objects and described their object using adjectives. What a super effort, most independently or with a little support describing colour, shape, size, texture and what you could do with the object.

Thank you for catching up with Swallows this week.