Hello everyone,

This week everyone has made the extra effort to try and make each other smile as it was World Smile day on Friday J Everyone in Swallows gained a SMILE certificate this week!

This week Swallows have enjoyed:

  • Working with each other and helping each other out with class work.

  • Horse riding and swimming were again thoroughly enjoyed.

  • ‘The whole school’!

  • Soft play was enjoyed and has really helped develop play skills and social interaction.

  • Jokes told in assembly on Friday for World Smile day.

  • Cooking – making jam tarts.

  • Talking and playing with friends.

This week we have carried on exploring what adjectives are and thinking of words to describe animals. During numeracy we used mats with numbers on to practice adding using a number line. In phonics everyone had to listen very carefully as letters were sounded out to make a word, which was an object they had to then find. We also played bingo matching words to pictures.

Sending smiles to everyone from Swallows class.

Thank you for reading.