Hello everyone,

This term are topic focus is Transport. We will be exploring and learning about transport in a variety of exciting lessons. We have started by looking at lots of different methods of transport and naming them. We even made some of our own transport and found it very exciting letting the parachute fall from the top of the play equipment outside. Some students were very interested in how fast different vehicles went, especially down a ramp! In literacy we have begun by reading ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’, it was very exciting as it was a sensory story where everyone was able to be actively involved in helping to tell the story about the outing on Mr Gumpy’s boat. Everyone listened very well! In numeracy we have started to learn about division, introduced as sharing. In PHSE we are learning about our bodies and how they develop as we get bigger. We always look forward to cooking various things during our cookery sessions!

Each week we have a class blog discussion before Golden Time. This week students in Swallows said they have enjoyed:

·         Working with each other and helping each other out with class work.

·         Swimming was thoroughly enjoyed.

·         Time in the SI room.

·         Soft play was enjoyed and has really helped develop play skills and social interaction.

·         Watching a Puppet Play!

·         Cooking – making cheese straws.

·         Seeing friends after our break.

·         Talking and playing with friends.

·         Food scientist group was fun

Thank you for reading.

From everyone in Swallows