What a busy start to the new term!

Here in Swallows class, we have had a very busy first week of term. We have enjoyed various activities such as phonics, maths, forest school and PE.

We have also been enjoying playing with pumpkins! On Tuesday, we embraced the Halloween spirit by exploring the inside of pumpkins, using our fingers to get out the middle and playing with it!

We also had our weekly Jabadeo time where we experienced different objects which resulted with a multi-coloured ball getting stuck to our ceiling which all of us found very funny!

With the days getting colder, for cooking we decorated our own pizzas to keep our tummies nice and warm. We got to spread the tomato puree, put on cheese, ham and mushrooms if we wanted to and got to eat the final product when it was cooked in the oven!

I wonder what next week will bring!