Welcome to Falcons class!


Falcons consists of six students on the Autism Spectrum in key stages three and four. The students are supported by a class teacher (Sally) and three teaching assistants (Fran, Michelle and Eloise). A higher level teaching assistant (Caroline) manages the class on a Tuesday.

Students in key stage three access the EQUALS Semi-Formal Curriculum which consists of the following strands:

  • Independence
  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • The world about me
  • Play and leisure
  • Creativity

Students in key stage four are working towards accreditation using ASDAN Personal Progress. This consists of units in the following areas:

  • Literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • Independent living skills
  • Personal development
  • Community participation
  • Preparation for work

The curriculum is personalised to meet the individual needs of each student and to ensure meaningful engagement. A structured and visual environment enables students to understand expectations and lower levels of anxiety.


Please contact me with any questions.


Sally Dymott