At Exeter House we endeavour for all our students to benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum which will allow them to develop their skills and knowledge, and prepare them for life after school.

We place great emphasis on personalised learning that aims to ensure that all of our students develop their expertise in Literacy, Numeracy and Life skills, but in a way that is best for each individual student.  Our broader curriculum pathways include;

  • a curriculum that covers the broad topics first introduced in the Early Years Foundation Stage,

  • the Profound Curriculum designed for students with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties,

  • a broad curriculum developing the learning of students with autism in all areas whilst focussing on reducing specific barriers to learning that autistic individuals may experience

  • a broad curriculum for more able students that covers a range of subjects through the Equals curriculum, which has been specially devised with students with learning difficulties in mind.

At every stage of their education, each child’s strengths and needs are considered carefully and the best Curriculum pathway for them is chosen and reviewed regularly.  This means that challenge is pitched at just the right level for each student to make the best progress possible.

We have a proud history of being a forward looking school and are always looking towards innovative ways to further improve the curriculum experience for our young people.  Currently we are working at the forefront of using Intensive Interaction to improve the ability of our students to develop their communication skills.  We run workshops for parents as well as train teachers in other Special Schools.  In addition to this, we consider ourselves a centre of excellence in the field of Sensory needs and Autism and we are working closely with specialists in the field of Sensory Integration in order to embed Sensory Modulation techniques into the curriculum experiences for our students. We are also very fortunate to be working closely with experts in the field of behaviour analysis which means we are able to formulate a specific curriculum for students whom have challenging behaviour that aims to improve their learning outcomes.

In Key Stages 4 and 5, students have the chance to experience Work Skills, Careers, Horticulture and the ASDAN Personal Progress Award. They will follow a programme that aims to make further steps towards maturity and independence, continuing to develop the personal qualities, abilities, interests and confidence which will enable students to take advantage of the opportunities in adult life.  Many students will also have the chance to experience a College placement and will have the opportunity of taking taster courses in subjects such as vehicle maintenance, construction and Catering (these topics are changed to suit the specific needs and strengths of the students attending at any given time).

We also enhance the curriculum with theme days where specialists come into school to share their expertise with the children. Some students also get to experience exciting activities off-site including horse-riding at Wilton RDA, swimming at the Fiver Rivers Leisure Centre and visiting the local community. There is also an opportunity to attend a residential trip which involves many activities including rock climbing, abseiling, canoeing and orienteering.