• This week in Swallows Class, we have been learning about Chinese New Year!!

    We started the week by looking at some of the celebrations that take place, such as the dragon dances, fireworks being lit and food that is eaten!

    We all tried some Chinese noodles, soy sauce and prawn crackers! Some of us not so much!!

    For our art lesson this week, we decorated our own blossom trees using paint!

  • We have had a very busy but exciting day today.

    Today it is Children in Need and we have had a special visitor….. PUDSEY BEAR!

  • It has been a very busy first week back in Swallows Class.

    We all went swimming first thing on Monday morning and took part in a minibeast hunt in the afternoon.

    Our favourite activity this week was making worms in mud for cooking. We used chocolate mousse and crushed up some Oreo biscuits to make mud and put jelly worms on the top! We all had lots of fun and enjoyed eating it after.

    It was one of our birthdays this week as well so we made some cupcakes and decorated them with green icing and chose to put on hundreds and thousands and stars.

    Here are some photos of us cooking.

  • We have been working very hard in Swallows class this week!

    In literacy, we pretended to be ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and matched the food to the days of the week!

    Our favourite activity this week was making Fairy Cakes! We all worked together to pour in the ingredients and mix it all together and the next day we decorated them with icing and sprinkles… they were very yummy!

    We have also been working very hard on making our names with Velcro letters and copying our names!!!

  • Welcome back to the Swallows Class Blog!

    We have had a busy first few weeks settling back into school after the summer holidays. We have two new children in our class who have settled in very well.

    Our new topic for this term is ‘Minibeasts’! We have been looking at the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and have been on a bug hunt in our sensory garden.

    We have been very busy learning in our phonics, numeracy, art and swimming lessons.

    Our favourite activity so far has been messy play! We got very messy and our poor TA’s spent a long time cleaning the floor, cupboards and walls after whilst we went outside for a run around!

  • A trip to the park in Swallows

    On Thursday, we took a surprise trip to the park!! We were all very excited for our class outing as we haven’t been to this park together before.

    Once we got to the park, we put down our picnic blankets and ate our lunch in the sunshine which was very yummy! Once we had eaten, we played on the different park equipment. We were all very tired once we got back to school, one of us even fell asleep on the bus back.

    During lunchtime on Friday, we decided to play with the dressing up clothes. We all dressed up as princesses and prince charming. As we were helping each other, we were rewarded with a token so a group of us went for a walk around the school to put our tokens away!

    Here are a few photos of our activities this week.

  • Lots going on in Swallows

    We all had a lovely half term break, enjoying the sunshine and preparing ourselves for the term ahead.

    Swallows are really excited about the Kids Day Out next weekend, we have had a look at the website and enjoyed looking at the photos of the different rides.

    In Art this week, we made binoculars using toilet roll tubes and plan on using them during our jungle animal hunt. We had our forest school and PE lessons which we all really enjoyed.

    Towards the end of last term, we celebrated the royal wedding with a street party! We made our own crowns and wore them whilst we stuffed our faces with party food!!

  • Swallows class blog:

    We have been reading the book ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ and have been learning about elephants and monkeys!!

    We were using shapes in numeracy to make animal pictures.

    For cooking this week, we made pizzas. We put some cheese on the pizza with tomato puree and baked them in the oven.

    We had a lot of fun in Art this week making jungle hats. We used zebra and leopard printed paper, cardboard leaves and pretty flowers out of tissue paper. We decorated snakes with finger-painting.