Hello! Welcome to Kestrels!


We are a secondary class of 6 pupils with Complex Learning Difficulties. We follow The Profound Curriculum which focuses on the following areas: Communication, Cognitive, Social, Independence and Physical.

We all have very individual needs and therefore we have our own personalised learning plans which make us everything we do is meaningful and engaging. This means that our day is very structured so that we can understand and anticipate what is happening. Communication and social interaction are also very important for us.

We have a wonderful team that support us in school to explore and learn, but most of all to have fun while we are doing it! Abbi is our teacher and she is helped by four teaching assistants – Hayley, Leesa, Nora and Ness. These guys look after all our physical, medical and personal care needs as well.

We like to get up to all sorts in Kestrels. We love to spend time out of our chairs and being free. We use our standing frames, walkers and acheever beds to help us become more independent. We take part in lots of therapy sessions, including hydrotherapy and rebound therapy, throughout the school week. We also like to learn through a variety of sensory experiences which help us learn about the world. Finally, we also like to use technology to help us explore and learn. We use switches, touch screens, eye gaze, sound-beam and iPads.

Make sure you come and say hello because we love visitors!